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Athletic teams do their best to keep their athletes in shape. They also want to make sure that these people take care of their health as much as possible. At least, this is true as long as the athlete can participate in his chosen sport at a competitive level. An athlete who suffers an injury due to incorrect mens running shoes that ends his career may find that the coaches and managers are not willing to compensate him, or they may not admit fault. There are also times when the leagues have done everything they could to protect the player and still have things go wrong. Parties that find themselves on either side of such a conflict need someone to represent them. A lawyer can represent either client.

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As with any other type of lawyer, this is a specialty. When someone seeks such a practice out, he wants to know about its success rate, but there is far more to any area of law than just an attorney's success rate. A lawyer can determine if someone has case, but they also have a small knowledge of sports medicine. They also know how to call in exports to back up their own arguments or to refute the arguments of their opponents.

When a sporting matter comes to a hearing or a trial, it is just like anything else. It is most often a civil matter. There will be no jury unless it is a criminal matter. Money, rather than a person's freedom, is most often at stake. The losing party will need to pay the court fees and any damages the court chooses to award the winning party.

Injury claim companies cannot change the incident or injury that happened. They may also need to defend someone against charges of doping or the use of illicit substances. However, in the latter cases, it is better to be represented by a criminal lawyer. After all, it is not a medical or civil issue in this case, it is a criminal issue. The athlete may face fines or jail time. It is almost certain that he faces the end of his career as well. A sports law firm may not be able to prevent the end of an athlete's career, but it can reduce the consequences of such a lawsuit. Going to court will be a drain on all of the parties involved, but it is necessary to have someone who is the right advocate for the case. Finding the right advocate can make the difference between a won case and a lost case.